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Bisexuality is just a transitional stage, then will you be a bi single?

I am a bisexual women married to a straight male. I grew up in a Christian family. My parents never said that bisexuality was wrong, but they never said that was right. I think they may not want to talk about what is bisexuality and who will be a bi single at all. But my church (religious translators do not understand welcome correct ~) from my very small time very clearly told me that only heterosexuality is correct. Because I am interested in men, so I think I am heterosexual and ignore the attraction that I feel from the girls, so I haven’t awareness of bi single I will be one day. I have never given myself the opportunity to think about this (sexual orientation), because in the heterosexuality of this position, I feel very safe. For many reasons, shortly before my husband and I were married, I no longer believed in Christianity. This opened my self-exploration journey. I was finally able to start thinking about who I was in the end, what I really believed, and not those old, prepaid white old men who came to tell me what was 'right' and because of my distinctive behavior to accuse me. This feeling is free and wonderful. Part of my own gradually realized that I was not straight, maybe I am a bisexual women of bisexual singles. I realized that I fell in love with one of my female friends (she was also bisexual). I also began to realize that strict monogamy may not be the best fit for me. I might have a strong tendency to love more than one person or both love males and females. But my husband he also hope that we can keep a strict transfer to each other. He even seems to have never noticed other people! But I became a bisexual,  I don’t know what should I do and what should I say to my husband.

"I think my parents might accept me as bisexual single, especially if I have been married to men and therefore have no exact date with women, but they are still kept and I'm nagging . I'm not a Christian thing. To some extent, and the opposite sex to marry more 'hiding.' People will assume that you are heterosexual. This can avoid to worry about people's negative reactions, even if they just see you and your partner, but on the other hand, I am sad for it which makes me even conceal or worry about I  am a bisexual single, I want to leave my husband to meet bi singles to live who are open-mind persons  like me  . I think they can understand me , they can know my feelings.  So I decided to talk about my thoughts to my husband, I hope he can accept me as a bisexual, if not , I will leave him.

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