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Bi Singles,Don’t Use Robot For Dating,Try To Have Dating Online

  A part of bi singles like using robot to satisfy sexual desire,even date with robots,treat them as girlfriends or boyfriends.I don’t understand why they can accept something without life to live with themselves. First of all,I want to say, inflatable doll "although seems to reduce the spread of sexually transmitted diseases on the role of the surface, but if more people with an inflatable doll, and it is not strict to disinfect, infectious diseases also will be spreaded. On the other hand,robot can’t talk with us who will not know our real feeling,we also can not know their true feeling,we can’t exchange everything for each other,do you think a bisexual dating will be wonderful like this?The reason why some bi singles use robot is they are new of this group which makes them shy. They worry about they have no experience to make their bi mates satisfied with them. In view of this situation,I have some advice for this bisexual newer.

1.    Don’t be shy,open you heart,every thing will be Ok and free,if you mind is open.A good mentality is good for you to image an interesting dating and sex.Then confidence is also very important which can make you full of energy.It will encourage you to make more bisexual friends and have nice dating with them.Active mates will be the most lasting relationship.
2.    In fact,there are lots of ways to meet bi singles,most of peple like dating online,so bi singles also can make friends at some dating sites only for bisexual persons.You can choose the suitable sites according your need.Someone like sexy body,someone like sweet face,someone want bi men,someone want bi women and so on,but you must know what you want.
3.    You need know the importance of every bisexual dating.If you are new,every dating will be your bi lesson which can give you lots of dating skills and how to make your mates think highly of you.Come on,just learn it,the old words often say,keep studying till die.How to know your dating level whether have been improved or not ? It is very easy,you can ask your dating mates after your second dating,if they think you are better than last time,you are in progress.Then you can give yourself a smile,talk to yourself,I will be better.
  For own physical and mental health, do not use inflatable dolls to satisfy a moment of sexual desire. So many dating ways, really not one for you? In fact, each dating is not just physical contact,the more is spiritual comfort. Mutual exchange of heart, love care, it is the deep emotions which inflatable dolls can not replace.You are nice bi single,you can have wonderful dating,trust yourself.

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