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Two Important Reasons About The Health Of Bisexual Singles

The reason why most bisexual singles care about their own health is that it relates to not only their health, but also their bisexual companies. So the first step to protect them well is finding the important reason about the health of bisexual singles. There are two reasons as follow:
Reason 1: Critical defects.
The study found that 19.5% of bisexual men and 18.5% of bisexual women think their health status is "poor or general", this ratio is quite high. In contrast, only 11.9% of gay men and 10.6% of lesbians felt that their health was "poor or general". While 14.5% of heterosexual men and 15.6% of heterosexual women feel that their health is relatively poor.
In the group which was surveyed, the researchers also found that bisexuals are in a very disadvantageous position in terms of social status, economic status, or social welfare.For example, bisexuals have the lowest percentage of university education in three groups (only 26.5% of bisexual men and 32.1% of bisexual women have university qualifications, but 55.7% of gay men , 57% of lesbians and 37.9% of heterosexual men and 37.5% of heterosexual women have received a college diploma). Bisexual smokers are higher than other sexual orientations(23.8% of men and 21.9% of women), while only 14.9% of gay men, 16.6% of lesbians, 11.1% of heterosexual men, and 8.3% of heterosexuals women are smoking groups.
Among the three groups,the proportion of bisexual families with annual incomes of less than $ 25,000 is relatively large, accounting for 39.5% of bisexual men and 42.1% of bisexual females, compared with 22.9% Gay men, 25.4% lesbian and 24.8% heterosexual men, 29.5% of heterosexual women with annual household income of less than $ 25,000.
Reason 2: The minority of a few.

Justin Denney, assistant professor of sociology at Rice University, argues that as a minority among sex minorities, bisexuals are also subject to certain discrimination which will expand their income, education, social welfare and smoking tendencies with other people on the gap.Both Gorman and Denney argue that this finding is important for the study of the health of a small number of people.At the same time, Gorman argues that the significance of this project is to emphasize the importance of studying the health status of specific ethnic minorities rather than simply studying the health status of the minority as a whole.We also can find some other reasons at bisexual dating websites which always give bisexual singles some useful tips to date healthly.

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