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It Is Not Easy For Bisexual Singles

According to a new research report, The health of bisexual singles is not optimistic compared with pure homosexuals or heterosexuals. Originally bisexual is a special group, however they are fragile according to the research. The bisexual has been very tired of life in the social gorgeous glasses, coupled with the research report shows that bisexuality is not easy .
The project investigated health scenarios of 10128 homosexual, bisexual and 405145 heterosexual, trying to find a link between health and sexual orientation. These studies will be published in Demography journals. Prof. Gideon Gorman, a professor of sociology at the University of Rice and who is also the head of the project, says the existing research on the health of homosexual or bisexuals is still not so many. They hope that this study will focus on the health problems of homosexuals and bisexuals and want to assess the impact of poor personal health on the health of the entire group. This also become a concern for most bisexual singles, but the results of this survey whether will affect the number of bisexuals or not also do not know.

In addition to recording the relevant information data and health indicators, the researchers is also according to the traditional sense of the factors that affect the health of the participants to analyze the way of life. (Including education, employment status, household income, health insurance), health behavior (smoking or non-smoking, drinking habits, physical fitness index, whether there is medical insurance) and social welfare, and so on. Multi-faceted access to valid information and comparison, and ultimately whether bisexual is more than the average heterosexual or homosexual health is even more worrying. If so, what do we have to do to help bisexual singles change this dilemma? I think this is the ultimate goal of the study. Of course, the researchers will analyze the specific reasons to find the problem, find a solution is inevitable according to the actual problem. The bisexualsingles who’s life is not easy  do not worry too much,they should be sure to believe that everything will be OK. Also pay attention to their own way of life, such as healthy friends, healthy dating, healthy sex.It is a right way to solve this problem,good life style will make you more and more healthy.You will have more energy to have nice bisexual dating which is filled with sunshine.Hey my friends,why not do it?

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