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I‘m Not A Gay,I'm Bisexual Who Like Bisexual Dating Very Much

The think I'm a gay,but I'm bisexual who often have bisxual dating."Dam, you still go to a girlfriend, you are really too lonely."
I forgot, this is the first few friends told me that kind of words. In their eyes, I probably always a person to eat, class, watching movies, travel, is really too lonely.
Xiao is one of my few female friends.
In her words, we are good friends. She reason, recently for some time often called me to pay a girlfriend, she felt, I may be a homosexual. In fact, her feeling is not entirely correct, I am a bisexual.
I  am not as others imagine the same men and women take-all. In the friends, from small to large, I was trembling.
Small time, we are all boys tied a bunch of girls tied a pile, not each other. But I, never dare to play with the boys casually, because when I was very young to know that I stay with the boy too close to the action will make me blush.
Eight or nine years old, once and the boys clamor, laughing in the fight, he put me on the wall, zero distance of physical contact so that I instantly lost resistance, Leng Leng looked at his victory posture, and I The face is not naturally red.
The kind of uncomfortable feeling, not a normal orientation of the people should have.
At that time, I said to myself, yes, you are gay.
And then some of the time, the teacher said, we have to the same sex repulsion, the opposite sex to suck that age.
I looked around, yes ah, the boundaries of boys and girls already do not know when it was broken by the silent. Some cheeky boys, began all day around the favorite girls wandering.
Of course not including me.
I also had a good impression on the girls, they Jiaoqiao lovely look to attract me. However, I never dared to contact them too much, let alone to pursue them bravely.
Because my heart has been telling myself: you can not harm people ah, you are a homosexual.But I just want to join a nice bisexual dating.
 As a homosexual, and girls can not be together, ah, or will delay their life. "This idea filled my whole adolescence.Sometimes, I will secretly browse some homosexual related sites, and only in there, can have such a very relieved feeling: Yes ah, I was gay thing.But all kinds of bisexual dating are my love.But gradually, there have been wrong place. Gay men who see on the site do not like too close contact with the opposite sex. They resist, or even feel uncomfortable.I find bisexual singles on bisexual site which can offer me some nice bisexual dating.But I have a different feeling. When the girls took my sleeves and ran, I would feel shy and blush. See the lovely woman at the same table meat toot the face, I would also like to reach out to pinch a pinch.

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