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How To Have A Healthy Bisexual Dating

There are some reports show that health of bisexual is threatened and  bisexual illness is likely to be higher. Many people think that bisexual dating life is more complex, they believe that there is not enough time and energy of bisexuality, and even suspected of falling in love with some people, or two sexes, It will be very tired for them to have no time to estimate all People's feelings. On the one hand, relatively ,bisexuality will bear large pressure by the family and the outside world, long-term physical and mental fatigue and stress, the mood naturally will be more depressed, which affect the health. On the other hand, bisexual sex is also complex, there have been reported that homosexuality is much higher than the general heterosexuality of AIDS, the reason is the irregular sex caused. There is no doubt that bisexual sex is more complex than pure homosexuality which will bring health risks .
In view of the above, I think bisexual dating should be odered by the following two criteria:
1. Psychological changes. Bisexual should always be concerned with each other's feelings, living conditions, do not give too much intervention to each other in the dating process, mutual understanding is the best way to date. Bisexual friends and family should give them more support so that there are a little psychological burden for them, the pressure they beared is much smaller. Then their own psychological adjustment is very important, enhance their ability to compress. They can often do some soothing emotional movement. Such as running, listening to songs, practicing yoga ect…all are good choices.
2. Physiological changes. First of all , strengthen the exercise, enhance physical fitness. It can be a healthy bisexual dating to interact, partners can participate in outdoor activities, do exercise to replace excessive sex. So, bisexual do not indulge in excessive, you can have sex, but to moderate is right.

Life needs to be slowly tasted so that you will feel the happiness of food, just like a big burger, if you eat quickly, stomach is very bulging, which make the body is not good. If you chew, you will feel very good to eat,it is enjoying,of course the body is more able to accept this way. If you want to maintain long-term bisexual dating with every pleasant time. Then, please find the right way to date. This is the right way to be healthy. Only physical and mental health, bisexual dating will be more and more wonderful. Do not be lazy, my bisexual friends, up to a healthy life style to own your bisexual love! love her, love him, love them ,love yourself.

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