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Bisexual Singles, Much More Than You Do

"I am one of the  Bisexual Singles, love you and love myself.
And you obviously gay, just love yourself. "
I seem to misunderstand you for a long time,

I live in my own dimension and gain too much.
For example, I naive to think that you silly can not tell men or women
Perhaps, you are all like, but I can not find a homosexual
Now it seems,
Contact past experience, even if you are in the eyes of others is a living home
When we talked, you still said something, sorry, that did not find a balance
Recently working overtime, friends at the weekend party and I complain that you do not create a chance between
Make a more good choice
 "So, bisexual singles say that you are not sure if you really like me so much, if you do not like me, please forgive me?"
 "Therefore, the bisexual label, and said, you already know that this will not be your first time,
Build a heart wall, tell me, settle you really hard, untouchables, do not tease. "
I am stupid, who said "bisexual" is a simple sexual orientation of the points
I am superficial, do not understand, blame, the city CP spend more time to heart
I am the opposite sex, and you this bisexual, the beginning did not reach a common understanding
I am more like homosexuality, only love yourself, give you indoctrination, "you want to love me a little more"
You are not sophistry, heterosexual that you are selfish, do not care
Bisexual Singles is always selfless dedication, he treats you and she are the same good, always wronged himself.
You can indifferent to him, but he absolutely can not do this only care about one, his heart took care of your feelings, but also consider her weather be comfortable or not, never care about their own feeling.
I am a bisexual single, I do not feel inferior, and vice versa I am confident. I am confident in my love, I am happy because of my selflessness. Love is not people often say that the heart, but all are really treated, are really love, will not love you ,not love him, this is a lasting love, an eternal love song.   If you love the way you live which will forget yourself,you will not regret,because you are bisexual single who are so strong.

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