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Bisexual Single Is Destined To Be A Lonely Patient?

Some people say that bisexual singles are lonely patients, always in a dilemma ."I can only be, in accordance with the standards of homosexuality, I think I have a great desire for my girlfriend." 'B said with a smile.
So far,she has been friend with B for many years, they often take a bath and sleep together, even though called the other girlfriend by joking. "It was shamed for B to call her wife when they were in primary school ," the two little girls do not understand the world with slapstick. Even no one understands the true meaning of this appellation which just simply as a kind of intimate performance.
"Single too long, want to fall in love with somebody," B said.
 "Then you date somebody."
 "Can not find people, could I date you?"
 She said, with joking.
 We did not seriously for many days. They still joke with each ther as usual. "After a week, she came to react I was serious." After determining the relationship between love, B's good friend became her girlfriend.
Later appeared that boy who B began to pay attention to, then they falled in love . I feel that I just like these people, so I will be attracted to him. "It is the reason why they were together.
Now B has both boyfriend and girlfriend who are both off-site. In this way, the bisexual dating in different places feels like dating through a bisexual dating site. Two people are off-site love, but the pattern is very different. Since together with the girlfriend,it is frightening of stability. Two people almost no time to quarrel, it is about a week to play a phone call. However,talk with her boyfriend every day. "I sometimes feel that I am sex dislocation with boyfriend, I am more like boyfriend in this relationship, coax him, but in front of girlfriend, she coax me.
B said, "I was also quite disturbed, I whether should tell her this thing or not in the end.You know I like the boyfriend now, but did not think we can be together.I sent her message, said 'I am falling in love with somebody.” Then she'll be back to me' oh ' after a long time .The next day,we decided to swim a few days ago,she didn’t come,she said she had somethings to do.
She not only loves her but also loves him. Which one she doesn’t want to lose.
 "I have not encountered other bisexual singles, do not know if I am too selfish .I hope my girlfriend life only love me alone in my heart, live with me together. But I want to marry and have children so that I do not give up boyfriend.

Love tangled, struggling, at a loss.It is determined that I will be lonely in this bisexual relationship.

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