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Bisexual: Only Talk About Love, Don’t Mind Sex

I am a girl, I often doubt that I am whether a bisexualor not.
Sister situation will make me have a strange feeling, this time I was panic, but I’m not sure and dare to admit. Really who let me find that I am bisexual is my best friend COCO. I have a favorite boy, COCO has been helping me think about how to get along with him, find an excuse for him, for our two to achieve the first single was in love,then the other single was in love too.This intimate relationship made us all have a strange feeling, but we have chosen to ignore. Even she admitted that she is bisexual, I am very surprised of it, she is easier than me to face to own heart. Her open cheer touched me so I did not hesitate to bring her to join my dating. When we are three together, happiness and love are belong to me and COCO, as if the boy I like is the excess one.
We are not the girlfriend so simple. We really like each other, but I can not admit. From "anti" to "homophobia", I am afraid others look at bisexual with colored glasses. I am afraid that there will be "fear of double" or "anti-double". But I have to face those difficulties, compared to the boy's secretly like, I chosed COCO who stay with me everytime. Their status is equal in my heart, they both I liked. But whom I would like to know more is her, not him. Later, we "separated", and she returned from the lovers back to the origin of the best friend. I do not know whether all the sexual orientation we accept will make social tolerance becomes deformed or not, but I call respect. The existence of each orientation has its own reasons, but heterosexuality is the existence of the majority, consistent with the law of survival and development.

If you also suspect that you are a bisexual, hope you do not mess or panic. Everyone has a bisexual tendency which is supported by many sexologists,.Freud has also proposed the concept of "psychological bisexuality". Are you  sure your own orientation of 100%? Maybe someday you will meet another you in the world, how about your previous orientation overturn completely? Listen to the bisexual voice in your heart! I like girls, but also like boys. You ask me what kind of experience of bisexuality, I can only say that no experience, the same is to pay the feelings, the same is dumbfounding, the same quarrel will be cold war, but the other sex is different. If someone else is also considered into the eyes of the words, then the experience is to learn to bear the colored eyes of others, and then you will find yourself happy with the life in a stubborn. Of course, if you can, I still hope that you decide in the bisexual choice of heterosexual, that will make our lives are not so bumpy ups and downs.I think if you are sure you are bisexual,you will have nice bisexual dating in your life or online.Those are good choice for you.

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