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Adam’s Happiness Bisexual Life And Nice Bisexual Dating

Adam has two wives, both wives are bisexual, they share a big bed, and take turns out dating for bisexual, they believe they can provide a loving family for their newborn child. It is very harmonious for them to live together and they  insist that they live well like other normal couples. Adam said: "., Brook will do breakfast, Jane will prepare fresh fruit juice for everyone after getting up in the morning just like other normal families." Jane said: "We have an oversized bed, because the ordinary double bed is not enough for three people.We have own quilt, because it 's hard for three to share a quilt.
Three people said that time management for the success of the relationship between the three is very important. "We have to make sure that everyone has the time to live with everyone else, so we have dating every two people," said Brooke. "For example, Jane and Adam will go to the museum for a romantic dating on Tuesday. "Sometimes, the three will also invite the fourth partner to participate in their sex  and bisexual dating life. The three are open to feelings and marriages and not subject to monogamy restrictions and distress.
The three of them also welcomed the fourth person to join their relationship. "We are very loyal to each other,  if we are able to meet a girl we like and are willing to join our way of life, we welcome her to join us, but that's not what we are thinking about now, because you can not keep others into your life all the time,.Iit 's not easy to find someone who we all like to accept.
Adam high school was a nerd in high school without female edge who was selected as the last one to find a girlfriend .But after he was 25 years old, he began to learn how to attract women.He began to read the psychology books in order to become more attractive to women. Later he learn to asked the girls to call from the British Leicester Square practice.Eventually he became a "dating coach" in a foreign video site which has a dedicated channel to teach young boys how to strike up with the girl. "I had been dating with 14 girls for a moment." he said.
In 2007 he met his ex-wife Alexandra in a nightclub, they got married, but Alexandra did not want a child, but they loved each other very much, so the couple decided to turn their marriage into an open marriage
Later, both husband and wife were dating with a (bisexual) woman called Brooke who married and had child a pre-fertile. Adam quickly fell in love with Brooke,.Alexandra still did not want the child, also had other lover. So at the end of 2012, Adam and Alexandra broke up peacefully. Adam began a stable relationship with Brooke, but they all favored open love. Until April 2013, the two met the photographer Jane (bisexual, married), both of them have feeling to Jane, Jane also has the same feeling. So they started a very harmonious bisexualdating love.
In 2014, they bought a house in Los Angeles to live together. Jane gave birth to Adam's children in February. "I think it is no problem absolutely because we have three parents take care of our children which will reduce the burden for each other.The three of them slept on an oversized bed at night. Of course, every two pairs have their own separate date.For example, Adam will go to the art gallery with Jane on Tuesday, Brooke will have a romantic night with Jane on Thursday. Now they are considering that whether let a woman to join their fantastic bisexual dating love or not.

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