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A Bi Chat About Wether Come Out Of The Closet

 " Come out of the closet " into a gay group of exclusive nouns, both a certain degree of reality in the portrayal of persecution, but also has a metaphysical symbolic.Bi Chat has become synonymous with bisexual communication. Homosexuality to " come out of the closet ", because this " closet " hindered people's real awareness of it, but also hindered the embrace of freedom of self. To bisexuality this topic, a lot of people say that bisexual unnecessary out of the closet, because the future may also enter the opposite sex marriage, don’t  you think the closet is to make trouble for yourself? So, bisexual often like to talk about their inner feelings, talk about their views on things, “out of the closet bisexual seems to be less far than homosexuality. Most bisexual talk about each other whether come out of the closet or not in the end, what is the meaning of the closet, the benefits are greater than the disadvantages, or worse than the benefits. So, out of the closet is now a hot topic of bi chat.It has been departed two sides about bisexual whether should out of the closet or not,one think they should do that,however the other against that.
   1. A party with a positive attitude. They think that bisexuality is a unique individual, when they confirm that they are bisexual, it should be announced out of the closet. This is more conducive to more bisexual single to find you, increase the probability which you are as a bisexual to find bisexual singles. Only your sexual orientation is bisexual clearly, the purpose of making friends is also clear,you are more likely to get someone else's trust.
  2. A party with a negative attitude. They are opposed firmly to bisexual out of the closet, they think that bisexual is unique, there is no need to to show that he is gay like homosexual. Bisexual has a two-way choice for the opportunity to choose, why become two to one. Bisexual often is a longing for freedom, should not be limited, they can do whatever they want to do.
Whether to out of the closet or not for bisexual of the conversation is not a sure conclusion, the final decision in the bisexuals’hands , they want to come out of the closet,they will do it, if not ,they won’t be out of the closet.This hot bi chat plays a role in communicating with each other, not a decisive role.
  Although these statements are justified. But "out of the closet" only means to the public around their own sexual orientation? Out of the closet, is it just a slogan? All the effect have to think carefully, but also vary from person to person. For me, out of the closet means that face ourselves bravely, kinship and society, expect a kind of Rakuten spirit and honest dialogue with this world.Maybe we can learn something from this interesting bi chat which gives bisexual lot’s of useful advice.

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