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Harvard Psychology Test: Test your homosexuality or bisexuality?

Ancient people are ashamed of homosexuals, and now with the increase in the number of homosexuals and gender bias by the impact of being more shameful is bisexual. Just go with me do a comprehensive psychological test, write down your choice, and then based on the last given method to calculate the score to see how your gender bias.You should be relaxed to answer everything, then  make a choice completely by intuition !
1, when you look at the map, or on the street, you will:
A, there are difficulties, need to find someone to help
B, the map turned to face the direction you want to go
C, without any difficulty

2, In preparation for a complex practice of cooking, while the radio is playing, as well as friends calls. You can:
A, three things at the same time
B, turn off the radio, but the mouth and hands are not stopped
C, tell a friend, you do a good job immediately after the phone call him

3, friends come to visit your new home, ask you how to go, you will:
A, draw a clearly marked map sent to them, or ask someone to show you how to go
B, ask them if they are not familiar with the landmark,  then tell them how to go
C, verbally tell them how to go

4, explain an idea or concept, you are likely to do:
A, will use pencil, paper and body language
B, oral explanation plus body language
C, verbally clearly explained

5, after watching a great movie when you go home, you like:
A, in the mind to recall the movie screen
B, the screen and the role of the lines to speak out
C, mainly quoted in the film dialogue

6, in the cinema you most like to sit:
A, on the right side of the cinema
B, do not care where to sit
C, on the left side of the cinema

7, a friend's  machine goes wrong, you will:
A, sympathize with, and discuss their feelings with them
B, introduce a trusted person to repair
C, to clarify its structure, want to help them repair well

8, in unfamiliar places, someone asked you what direction is the north, you will:
A, frankly you do not know
B, think about for a while, speculate  the direction
C, pointing out the direction of the northwithout difficulty

9, you find a parking space, but the space is very small, you must use the reversing to stop, you will:
A, prefer to find another parking space
B, trying to stop carefully
C,  park to stop very smoothly

10,the phone rang  when you watch TV, you will:
A, answer the phone while the TV is open
B, turn down the TV,then answer the phone
C, turn off the TV, call other people quietly,then answer the phone

11, you hear a new song which is your favorite singer to sing, usually you will:
A, after listening, you can sing it without difficulty
B, if it is the first song that is very simple, after listening ,you can follow a short paragraph
C, it is difficult to remember the melody of the song, but you can recall some of the lyrics

12, how do you have a strong sense of the outcome of things, by:
A, intuition
B, reliable information and bold assumptions before making judgments
C, factual statistics and information

13, you forgot where to put the key , you will:
A, first do other things, until the natural remembered so far
B, do something else, but try to remember where you put the key
C, in the heart to recall what has just done, to think of where to put

14, you in the hotel, hear the distant alarm, you will:
A, indicates the source of the sound
B, if you can concentrate on, you can point out the source of the sound
C, no way to know the source of the sound

15, you participate in a social banquet, someone to introduce you to seven new friends, the next day you will:
A, you can easily think of their appearance
B, can only remember the appearance of several of them
C, more likely to remember their names

16, you want to go to a country vacation, but your partner wants to go to the seaside resort. How can you persuade him?
A,  say you feel pleasantly: you like the country's leisurely, children and family in the country had a very happy.
B, tell him if you can go to a country vacation, you will feel very happy, next time you will be happy to go to the beach
C, tell the truth: the country resort is relatively close, relatively cheap, there are planning appropriate leisure facilities

17, planning daily life, usually you will:
A, list of the list, so what to do at a glance
B, consider what you should do
C, in the heart to see who you will see, where will be, and what you have to deal with

18, a friend has difficulties, he came to you to discuss, you will:
A, sympathetic, and you can understand his difficulties
B, that things are not as serious as he thought, and help him to be solve them?
C, give him advice, or reasonable advice, tell him how to solve

19, two married friends have an affair, how would you do when you find:
A, you will soon be aware of
B, after a period of time to detect
C, do not notice at all

20, what is your attitude towards life?
A,make a lot of friends, and the people around you are in  harmony
B, friendly treatment of others, but maintain personal privacy
C, to complete a great goal, to win the respect of others, fame and promotion

21, if there is a choice, you will like what kind of work:
A,  to work together with the people  you can can get along with
B, there are other colleagues, but also keep their own space
C, work alone

22, you like to read the book is:
A, novel, other literary works
B, newspapers and magazines
C, non-literary class, biography

23, when you tend to shopping:
A, often impulsive, especially special items
B, there is a rough plan, but will also buy when the whim
C, read the label, compare the price

24, sleep up to eat, you prefer to do:
A, arbitrary
B, according to a certain plan, but the flexibility is great
C, almost every day a fixed time

25, you start a new job and know many new colleagues. One of them calls home to find you, you will:
A, easily recognize his voice
B, talk for a while, then know who he is
C, can not be identified from the sound of who he is in the end

26,  argue with others, what will make you very angry:
A, silent or no response
B, they do not understand your view
C, ask questions, or comments

27, how do you feel about the school's spelling test and the essay class?
A, the two are very simple
B, one is OK,the other is not very good
C, two are not good

28, encounter a fixed dance or jazz dance, you will:
A, hear the music will think of learning dance
B, can only jump a little , most can not remember
C, catch time and melody

29, are you good at distinguishing the sounds of animals and imitating the sounds of animals?
A, not very good at
B, you can
C, great

30, after the end of the day, you like:
A, to talk about how you have this day with friends or family
B, listen to others talk about how he had this day
C, read newspaper TV, will not chat

Title: answer analysis
Scoring method:
Choose a: +15 points
Choose b: +5 points
Choose c: -5 points

1, the majority of male scores will be caught in the 0-180 points between the majority of female scores will be distributed between 150-300 points.

2,the brain of partial male , the score will be less than 150 points. Scores closer to 0 points on the more masculine, the secretion of testosterone more ... ... they have a strong logic concept, analytical skills, speaking skills, very self-discipline, but also very organized, not susceptible to emotional impact. If women get a very low score, then she is likely to have a lesbian tendency.

3, scores higher than 180 points, is very feminine people. The higher the score, the more feminine the brain. Creative, musical art talent. They will be determined by the intuition and feeling, and good at judging the problem from very little information. Scores higher than 180 points of the men, they are the higher the probability of homosexuality.

4, females with scores less than 0 or women over 300, their brains are completely different, and living on earth is their only common thing

5, the people's score between 150 to 180 , his way of thinking has the characteristics of both sexes, he is not biased against men or women, , the reaction will be more flexible to find the best solution  in solving the problem. Regardless of male or female, he can become their friends.

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