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Six truth about bisexuality

In essence, sexual orientation is never just about sex. It is related to love and connectivity.

The curiosity of bisexual behavior has taken me up. I was ashamed of the first time I went to the therapist. I had a couple of days before my wedding. Needless to say, I slept with women and men. The truth of my story that makes me ashamed is that I  not only like men,but also like women.

Often praiseworthy writers argue that sexual orientation is a simple way of attracting gonads, as if it were to be determined by choosing the sex of a dormant partner. It was ridiculous.

This is a shame. After studying the human behavior for many years, knowing its complexity and observing its instability (the four thousand customers I had worked with), I learned about the following six points:

Men who enjoy sexual intercourse between men can enjoy sexual intercourse with women, and vice versa.

For many people, love a person's logo is not just between the physical to attract, it is between the two established emotional connection.

When a person with men and women after sleep, this does not mean that they are afraid of commitment or sexual desire.

If bisexual love someone, then they just like most people in the community, the same can follow the monogamy.

There is not much relationship between bisexual and cowardly .
Bisexuality is not just one thing: it is a kind of biological phenomenon like heterosexual.

This makes many people confused, but the confusion is not an excuse to keep you ignorant of this topic.

Perhaps only when we stop discussing sexual orientation, we can learn to respect each other.
So I think it's normal to find bisexual singles,we also can become soulmate.But where could I find the bi-singles which style I want? Till one day,my friend invite me to jion a free site which can find bisexual singles,I found my love ,I can both love man and woman, it's very lucky for me to enjoy the bisexual time.

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