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I am a bisexual ... always, safe and sound, I began to follow the high school like the opposite sex, love, break up, and then like a heterosexual, love, break up ...the strange thing is that I am not sad, but  feel very relaxed, very happy. I am in love, not a specific person,  I take about the shortest love is starting from the second year of the university ... probably, now has been break up for some time, that is nearly two years, in fact, more than a year, but it is really one of my most heart . But later, I do not pay attention to it, and half-hearted, there are many things and a lot of people dispersed my attention, the most important thing is that I did not like her so much. When I fell in love with her,  I found that I seem to be too concerned about the roommate  (The reason why I tell this story is that I have too many words to say but I can not say, I do not think carefully ,there's nothing ,I hope I do not have to keep in my heart, I hope someone will share my feelings, I hope nobody is against my idea, but I do not want others to see) I am more cheerful personality, but also more humorous with everyone when you can always say a lot of jokes, so just enrolled students are like I am playing, W is no exception, he is very shy, ah no, the surface shy, familiar with the very generous people, very warm, I will not sum up, in short, very cute people, he likes playing with me together ,sitting with me when have a class. If I play with someone else he will not be happy, he does not like me  playing with others. This is what I slowly found, I do not like the same person eveb though good friends together for too long, so many years I have now only two good friends, there is a heart can not pay the mouth can only peek each other good friends. I will often be with him when the time to joke with someone else or strike up a class, he will not happy. Occasionally he will be with my spoiled, yes, that is, spoiled, let me help him do some small things, what trivia, I promised, will do, I was like meddlesome people, not to mention I quite proud of him. I was in the second floor, he was on the sixth floor, most of our classmates in another bad building, my dormitory is the location of the best floor. So we are separated from the class and the children are isolated. I said  he would like to play with me at night back to the bedroom when I bored to go to their bedroom to find him play, I would not intend to speak a very dirty dirty joke ^ - ^, to the best place to think , Haha, and is the kind of funny, their bedroom people laugh no, and then later I welcome you, always invited me, he told me when I often told me, "We have called you go to the bedroom "I asked him," Let me tell jokes is it? "He laughed hehe. Ah, yes, he has a girlfriend, this is not he told me, is his roommate, we have a good relationship, I have a lot of people are good relationship, eat open, guide ah, dormitory management of those people, as well as each Kind of messy people, have to say the words. Has been playing together for a long time, I do not know he has a girlfriend, tell the truth, ah ... my heart suddenly is uncomfortable, but I do not want to admit that it is not comfortable, that buddy, call him R, he said his daughter's friends love him, but on the university to love in different places. And then I have not been pretended to know, and later in his bedroom, right, also in his bedroom. Now think about it really did not run to his bedroom, he said we took a photo, just finished. Suddenly talk to his girlfriend, I think I should not be happy, but they should not see it, I have always disguised very well. He was also embarrassed a bit, do not want to talk about his girlfriend, then we alone together .I asked him how to know, how long, his answer was very brief ,then we do not talk about his girlfriend, suddenly one day I went to his bedroom, he was unhappy, I asked him why  his girlfriend quarreled with him(my heart really inexplicable happy, hee hee! Just a little Haha) I patted his back, I do not know what to say, suddenly he took me! The Yes, he actually took me! The Eyes buried in my nest, hands on my shoulders, I whole people are stunned ,ok? Then my heart wondered, trough! Labor is not straight male labor like a man of your kind of labor forbearance for 20 years of the small wild horse out of the runaway out!
Later, when he mentioned his girlfriend, he told me that they broke up, the character   Is not going to college with high school lovers break up ah? I was no experience, I graduated from high school when there is no girlfriend, I am high when the two girlfriend, high school time before the first love girlfriend has been entangled with me, has been entangled to the third year, although she often find me, but I still talked about a girlfriend, and later graduated from high school, I also talked about one between the university, I always thought I was in exchange for me is not specific, I bothered, because I do not like each do not, break up not sad, but very easy, I was with them when I do not want to close them, up to the handle,  I am also very pure. Until the graduation of that, that girl called what I have forgotten, I remember not very good, not my important things I can not remember, the girl is estimated that very experienced, told me to go to her house, the results to seduce me , Ah, has not only seduce, and a bit overbearing hard on the bow, I was reluctant to say that you want to do! She has been touching me, I really turned over, I did not even do But I did not know why so angry ,so disgusting. Later, I also learned some of the things Gay, I think I may be very unfortunate, and is likely to be bisexual, the more ,the older ,the more apparent, I like to see beauty, but in the partner I tend to be same sex. When I learned that he broke up, my heart even a trace of chuckle. Later, I took care of him, when in a class, he whispered: If you are a woman or how good I am a woman...... I asked him what? With me! He said uh. He actually said ah. I froze a moment, I admit, I listened to the heart. Later, he said several times, if he must be with me. I really fall, and I am willing to his good, my legs are now scar  because he left, I was probably blood sweet, special mosquitoes, I got a mosquito nets, but later no mosquitoes I also The mosquito nets, ah, and then our class students have moved to the floor, and on the third floor, when I moved the bag to help him move the luggage. Because he said to live with me in a bedroom ,I am very happy ,very excited ,very positive ah! The I was just asleep, but I was asleep, but he woke up, and he woke up, and I was so stupid. How he said, he said there are mosquitoes, he could not sleep, I got up, head out of the mosquito nets, listening for a while, I said there, sleep, he was quiet for a while, said there, I said ok .Well, I have mosquito nets here or you come to my bed to sleep, I go to your bed, he said how you do, you sleep, I do not go. I said nothing about you. He is not willing, I said that either sleep together, you sleep inside. He said okay. And then (hey, now think of it also heart rate to speed up, so excited!) Then he sleep, the bed is really too small, no longer sleep two big men, I also forgot how to arm around him, his head pillow On my arm ... I whispered no mosquitoes, he smiled and said no, and then he said I could not sleep, I said that I patted you, and then I gently beat him, and then he Contented asleep. He fell asleep and could not sleep I'm the whole person Spartan! He's sleeping in my arms. My body did not dare to move, move will be able to meet him, I am not afraid to wake him, I am afraid of my own excitement! The I really feel my "little brother" just around what is good! Now if Y can I do not live! Quietly crossed, where there are special mosquito ah! You really do not seduce me a little bastard! The I do not know how long, I finally fell asleep, and suddenly I feel the body weightless, yes I went down the bed, the calf shook the chair, a little pain, the key ass too hurt, and then in addition to a lazy bedroom Wake up other people are waking up and asked how, I said nothing ok, w also stuck his head to ask me nothing! I said nothing to sleep! And then I went to bed, and then the pain of his legs burning, I could not help but look up, the room is a street light came in, very bright, I look, rely on, scraping a skin, some children also scratch Meat, just here I have a bad hand before the time with the disinfectant, rushed up a bit, that feeling, thieves cool! I grimace in pain, he woke up, to rise to see, I said nothing to sleep I came back! Then I went to bed. The results later left scars, too clever, huh, huh, see the scar, I can think of him, ... it is to commemorate him, let me wake up my sexual orientation, can be considered my first look On the man, huh, huh. Too much of the things I really can not remember, ah, once he was looking at things, and then I stared at his face, I could not help but kiss him, impulsive! Absolutely impulsive! I think it was a miracle that did not reveal my mood at that time. He did not get angry, then stay and then call you take me cheap! And then hit me, do not hurt the kind, I smile next to the next. Later, I do not think ah, this is not OK, this is not to bend the rhythm? Then sophomore last semester, I decisively talked about a girlfriend. But not with the school, I do not like to go to class together to eat, sick of the. With W is not the same, we are buddy children Well! Oh, deceive myself I do not believe.

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